Göcekada establishment is the main activity of Şahyapı İnşaat San.
 Turizm Tic. Şti. in tourism business. It is premeditated as a Project that
 everyone can feel the beauty of the nature which is not spoiled and giving
 the best service. It's been servicing since the may of 2000. Since the
 establishment has started servicing the year 2000 we tahe into
 consederiton of all suggestions given from our costumers and nature
 lovers. One of our aim is to introduce that marveleous part of our country
 to everyone and keep servicing to tourism and economy of turkey by
 protecting the natural beauty.

        Our establishment gives the best service with it's original movable wharf, restaurant, bar, accomadation in tents with breathing the sharp scent of pine trees and daily trees, beach, water sports and private trakking. You will see that it is never enough to tell about the beauty of this place. The best way to show you this beauty is to take a look at our web site and to take advantage of your suggestions after visiting our web site.

        As you know göcek belongs to Muğla city-fethiye which is a small
 town located in Fethiye gulf southwest of Turkey between agean sea and
 mediteranian sea. Göcek bays and islands are the last stop of the blue trip
 which is started from bodrum. These bays have marveleous beauty with
 the clean. Blue sea and it's natural plant cover. Our establishment located
 in one of this bays which is located in a bay taking place in the North side
 of Göcek Island. Distance between our establishment and Göcek town is
 1,5 miles takes 20 minutes by boat.

        Plant cover of the island is thin leaved yellow pine trees, daily trees which are healthy to stomachaces and it's resin when you drink by mixing with milk and boiling the leaves as tea give health to respiration problems. Also fig, olive, orange and lemon trees take place on Island.

        Göcek is 22 km. away from dalaman airport. By opening the Göcek
 tunnel this distance will decrease up to 12 km. and arrival will take 10
 minutes. Town is on the Antalya highway and it's distance to Fethiye is 20
 km. Within 50-60 km.area daily tours are available to Marmaris, Gökova,
 Köyceğiz, Dalyan, Sarıgerme, Dalaman and Fethiye whether from land or
 sea. Yatch tourism is the most popular tourism activity in Göcek. However
 blue trip by private yatch are available you can also take the the daily boat
 trips to travel the Göcek bay. After travelling the Göcek bays by boat if you
 ask which is the best way to spend the holiday, we advise you the best
 place Göcekada establishment without any hesitation.

        Here you can feel yourself as a part of the nature within the silent
 natural beauty, you can taste delicious food which are grown as
 ecological. We strongly reccomend you see the beauty of the under sea.
 We have 24 hours unlimited service and we serve meal to unlimited
 number of groups. You can arrive Göcekada by boat working between
 Göcek and Göcekada and also by our own boats which are avaliable 24
 hours a day. Below the given phone numbers are available at all times.
 Accomadation, food arrival rezervations can be made by phone. You can
 find the pictures and have information about our establishment in our web
 site. We are looking forward to see you and we would like to take your suggestions and comments.

Yours faithfully.

 Phone Numbers: 0 532 549 37 79
                          0 522 821 24 84